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Duck a l'Orange

Duck a l'Orange

Try our Roast Half Duck or Whole Duck with this classic Duck a l'Orange dish with a flambeed orange sauce.

Ground Duck Street Taco

Duck Street Tacos

Authentic Mexican street-style Duck Tacos perfect for an easy weeknight dinner.

Duck Breast Chimichurri and fries

Chimichurri Duck & Frites

A duck twist on a restaurant classic, Steak & Frites! A fresh Chimichurri tops our duck breast steaks, then we pair them with duck fat fries.

Pulled Duck Poutine with Duck Fat Fries

Duck Duck Poutine

Duck fat french-fries topped with juicy pulled duck meat, white cheddar cheese curds and duck fat gravy.

Roasted Whole Duck
This basic roast duck recipe creates a crispy skin and moist meat.

Duck Parmesan Tenders

Duck Parmesan

A duck twist on an Italian classic! Try this recipe for an easy weeknight dinner.

Duck Charcuterie

Duck Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie with a duck twist! Crispy Duck breast, Candied Duck Bacon, Duck Liver Mousse and Duck Cracklings that are perfect to pair with your favorite cheese and wine.

Duck meatballs
These versatile make-ahead meatballs combine ground duck and duck bacon for delicious flavor. Pair with a variety of sauces for any occasion.
Thai bbq duck kabobs

Thai BBQ Duck Kabobs

Fresh herbs and spices bring the flavors of Asia to a summer favorite. Enjoy this recipe year-round by substituting seasonal vegetables.

Whole Peking Duck

Peking Duck

Beijing's most famous dish, Peking Duck is traditionally served with Chine